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Penrhyn Quarry

The Penrhyn quarry is the largest and most famous slate quarry in the world.  This quarry has been producing slates from as far back as the 13th century, and its slates are universally accepted as the best quality slate in the world.  Indeed, these slates are still sold all over the world – to Australia, the Americas, the Far East and all over Europe.

Penrhyn Blue Bangor roofing slates originate from the Cambrian era and have a lifespan measured in centuries.  Indeed, a second hand 150 year old Blue Bangor slate has a value of one third of a new one and they are only building material which will actually increase in value over the lifetime of a building.

The slates are a heather blue or purple colour and come in standard sizes of 500x300mm (20×12”), although larger and smaller sizes are available upon request.

Blue Bangor slates are available in Ireland only through LBS.  When buying these slates, be sure to ask for a certificate of origin and for a quarry backed guarantee.

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